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pocket bike Gas Scooters Fuel and Oil mixture Information Your gas scooters use 2-stroke motor for power. A two-stroke gas motor was chosen for it's excellent power to weight ratio. A two-stroke gas motor does not require that you ever change the oil, however it does require that you mix quality grade 2-stroke oil with the gas prior to filling your scooters gas tank. This ensures that your gas motor will remain lubricated and give you reliable service. To accomplish this you can buy 2-stroke oil at almost any auto parts store or hardware store. The oil and gas are the mixed together in a separate container before filling gas scooters. The mixture should be done at a 25:1 ratio. Mixing the gas and oil too lean can cause the gas motor to run too hot resulting in permanent gas motor damage. Mixing the gas and oil too rich will cause decreased performance and result in a fouled spark plug. By strictly following the 25:1 ratio you can be assured maximum performance. Scooters may occasionally run into problems. Everything does. Of course, the best measure to take with any scooter is to maintain and care for it so that it is in the best condition. It’s like a car: if you keep with the car maintenance, like the well-known oil change for every 3,000 driven miles, then your car will be in better shape and there’s less chance that the car will run into problems and break down. If you notice your electric scooter not running properly, you can check for telltale signs. Here are some examples:
•Armature - Overheated windings (discolored), loose laminations
•Bearings - Dry, loose, tight
•Brushes - Pitted, burned, chipped, worn
•Commutator - Brush debris between segments, wear and tear, erosion, oxidation
•Magnets - Loose, scored by contact with armature
•Springs - Discolored, dissimilar pressure

pocket bike

State agencies can take action against firms that fraudulently market anti-aging and other health products. Some dietary supplements can have potentially serious health consequences for seniors. Although precise estimates of the physical harm caused to senior citizens by questionable anti-aging and alternative products are not available, there is evidence in the medical literature that seniors are at risk for adverse effects, that dietary supplements are contraindicated for individuals with some underlying health problems, and that a variety of frequently used dietary supplements can have dangerous interactions with drugs that are being taken concurrently. However, if FDA subsequently determines that a dietary supplement is unsafe, the agency can ask a court to halt its sale. For dietary supplements, the Health and Human Services Secretary may declare the existence of an imminent hazard from a dietary supplement
pocket bike

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NIH¡¯s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has noted that preliminary evidence-based reviews suggest that some alternative therapies may have beneficial effects. These include St. John¡¯s wort for depression, ginkgo biloba for dementia, and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for osteoarthritis. For example, one source stated that increased memory performance pocket bike and learning capacity have been established experimentally for ginkgo biloba.8 One controlled study has shown positive results for ginkgo biloba in tests of cognitive performance in dementia.9 Similarly, some reviews have suggested that studies of glucosamine in the treatment of osteoarthritis found positive results,10 as did studies of St. John¡¯s wort for depression In 1993, FDA published a list of dietary supplements for which evidence of harm existed.21 In 1998, the agency also published a guide to dietary supplements, which included a list of supplements associated with illnesses and injuries.22 FDA has also issued warnings and alerts for dietary supplements and posted those to its Web site.23 The most recent alert reiterated the agency¡¯s concern, first noted in 1993, that the herbal product comfrey represents a serious safety risk to consumers from liver toxicity. In addition, the agency has issued warnings for products including, among others, chapparal, which is promoted as an antioxidant and cancer cure and is associated with nonviral hepatitis; aristolochic acid, which is sold as ¡°traditional medicine¡± and has been associated with permanent kidney damage and some cancers; and L-tryptophan, which is promoted for insomnia and depression but has been associated with an autoimmune disorder and deaths. CDC

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