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pocket bike specialist is dedicated to producing the highest quality, natural based supplements available to create safe, state of the art solutions for your most important health needs. Developing & manufacturing the best quality and most effective nutrition supplements products has been our constant primary objective.

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We also sell affordable pocket bike, gas scooters for riders who prefer the power of gasoline to clean electric power. Check out our newest gas powered product for 2005, the Rocket Pocket Bike. ... Quality Gas Powered Vehicles at Cheap Prices. Rocket GT Pocket Bike - Brand New 2005 Model! FREE Delivery! Buy pocket bike online now.

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pocket bike Your new scooter will last longer and perform better if you maintain it using the below information. Maintenance is crucial to getting the most out of your scooters. The following instructions are for our models however most of the principals are universal and can be utilized on all makes of gas scooters. Furthermore we remind gas scooters enthusiasts that although motorized scooters are used like toys, they can be dangerous if not respected. Please follow safe riding practices and ALWAYS wear protective gear. A guide to using scooters safely, for parents, kids, and all scooter users! Speedy, non-motorized form of transportation, their resurgence on the scene has allowed us to zip around towns and cities without even so much as a puff of harmful, polluting emissions, and get a little bit of exercise while we do it! And what else has been able to pry young people away from TV sets and video games so effectively, and encourage them to get outside and be physically active? The fact is, scooters are like any other piece of sporting equipment; they can be used and used safely, but you need to take proper precautions. Here are a few easily digestible guidelines for scooter safety that everyone who uses scooters should observe.

pocket bike

1. The operator must be at least 16 years of age.
2. A driverís license is not required.
3. No insurance, registration or license plates are required.
4. The operator must properly wear a bicycle helmet regardless of age.
5. The operator may not have any passengers.
6. The operator must have at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
7. DUI is applicable to motorized scooters.
8. Motorized scooters may not be operated at a speed greater than 15 mph.
9. Motorized scooters may not be operated on streets with a speed limit greater than 25 mph, unless it is operated in a marked bicycle lane.
10. Motorized scooters may not be operated on any sidewalk.
11. The operator may not make a left turn at an intersection. The operator must stop and dismount at the right hand side of the roadway or curb and then complete the turn by crossing the roadway on foot.
12. The handlebars must be at or below the level of the operatorís shoulders.
13. The operator may not park the motorized scooter on the sidewalk if it blocks the path of the sidewalk.
14. The operator may not attach himself or herself or the scooter to any other vehicle in the roadway.
15. Equipment requirements during darkness:
a.Must have a white headlight vesicle from 300 feet from the front and the sides.
b.Must have a red reflector on the rear of the scooter or attached to the operator of the scooter visible from 500 feet.
c.Must have a white or yellow reflector on each side visible from 200 feet in front and back of the scooter. d.Must have an engine/motor kill switch that activates when released or when the brakes are applied.
16. Motor scooters shall not emit excessive noise. This usually is the result of a modified exhaust system.
If the fuse does not blow for the controller, turn the switch to "off", connect to the motor, and again move the switch to the "on" position. If the fuse blows at this point, that means you have either a bad motor or bad wiring. You would go through the same exercise of turning the switch to "off", replace the motor and/or wiring, and then turning the switch back to "on." TIP: A good thing to do is use your sense of smell while youíre doing the diagnostic. If you smell a burning or hot smell, then you can be certain something is wrong.
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In light of these concerns, you asked us to examine (1) whether there is evidence that anti-aging and alternative medicine products, particularly dietary supplements aimed at conditions of aging, cause physical harm to senior citizens; (2) whether there pocket bike is evidence that questionable anti-aging and alternative medicine products cause economic harm to senior citizens; and (3) federal and state oversight efforts to protect consumers from questionable anti-aging and alternative medicine products. Gas Powered Scooters Brakes Maintenance and Information The brake on your gas powered scooters is a cable actuated drum brake. This style brake has proven well over time and is very simple to maintain. The rear brake has two main adjustments. The easier of the two is the adjustment on the handbrake itself. This adjustment has two simple steps. To change the tension on the cable merely back off the locking nut and screw the adjustment screw in or out accordingly. Once the desired tension is achieved re tighten the locking nut. Further adjustment can be made at the brake drum itself. This task is easiest with two people. First, loosen the adjustment at the handlebar hand brake and screw it all the way in. Next go to the rear brake and loosen the Cable Clamp. Once loose, pull back on the cable and have the second person push forward on the brake cable lever (push hard, you are pushing against a tight spring action). While pushing the lever forward and pulling the cable back, quickly tighten the cable clamp. Additional minor adjustments can be made where the cable meets the rear brake.

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