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pocket bike

pocket bike Top Kick Scooter Safety Tips ALWAYS use a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. This is a small investment - only about $35 - and can instantly eliminate almost two-thirds of possible scooter accidents, including most of the most serious ones. In many states, provinces and regions throughout the world, these are required by law! Gas Scooters Fuel and Oil mixture Information Your gas scooters use 2-stroke motor for power. A two-stroke gas motor was chosen for it's excellent power to weight ratio. A two-stroke gas motor does not require that you ever change the oil, however it does require that you mix quality grade 2-stroke oil with the gas prior to filling your scooters gas tank. This ensures that your gas motor will remain lubricated and give you reliable service. To accomplish this you can buy 2-stroke oil at almost any auto parts store or hardware store. The oil and gas are the mixed together in a separate container before filling gas scooters. The mixture should be done at a 25:1 ratio. Mixing the gas and oil too lean can cause the gas motor to run too hot resulting in permanent gas motor damage. Mixing the gas and oil too rich will cause decreased performance and result in a fouled spark plug. By strictly following the 25:1 ratio you can be assured maximum performance.

pocket bike

A number of surveys have been conducted to determine the proportion of the population that uses alternative medicine products. One national survey of more than 2,000 adults conducted in 1997 found that 42 percent of Americans of all ages used at least one type of alternative therapy in the prior year for conditions such as back problems, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.6 The survey found that 12 percent used herbal remedies. Other studies have found that 16 to 18 percent of Americans used dietary supplements, including amino acids and over-the-counter hormones If the fuse does not blow for the controller, turn the switch to "off", connect to the motor, and again move the switch to the "on" position. If the fuse blows at this point, that means you have either a bad motor or bad wiring. You would go through the same exercise of turning the switch to "off", replace the motor and/or wiring, and then turning the switch back to "on." TIP: A good thing to do is use your sense of smell while you’re doing the diagnostic. If you smell a burning or hot smell, then you can be certain something is wrong.
pocket bike

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Senior citizens who buy anti-aging and alternative medicine products may spend millions of dollars on products that either make unsubstantiated claims or contain less of the active ingredient than is indicated on the label. There are no overall estimates of economic harm attributable to questionable anti-aging products; however, federal officials have identified a number of expensive products making unsubstantiated pocket bike claims. In an analysis of 20 of its cases for products targeted to senior citizens, FTC estimated that consumers as a whole spent an average of nearly $1.8 million annually per company. In addition, because some dietary supplement products contain little or none of the active ingredient listed on the product label, consumers may be spending millions of dollars per year on products that are virtually worthless. l DURING THE FIRST MONTH OF OPERATION - THE BREAKING-IN PERIOD - NEVER APPROACH MAXIMUM SPEED; AVOID SUDDEN ACCELERATION AND DO NOT DRIVE AT HIGH SPEEDS FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. l ALWAYS WEAR A STRONG HELMET AS WELL AS SUITABLE PROTECTIVE GEAR SUCH AS HAND, KNEE AND ELBOW PROTECTORS WHEN DRIVING l DO NOT OPERATE THE SCOOTER WITHOUT PROPER FULLY ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR. NEVER DRIVE WITH HIGH HEELS, SANDALS, SLIPPERS OR BARE FEET.

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