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pocket bike for Teenagers: Fast and foldable, electric scooters and gas scooters are the hottest way to get around campus. New for 2004, Pocket Bikes have made its way into the motorized scooter industry. Our antiaging, Rocket GT Pocket Bike gives a little more fun and excitement to the rider.

pocket bike

pocket bike Gas Powered Scooters Jet Maintenance and Information Due to the fact that the carburetor mixes the fuel and air at an exact ratio, elevation, temperature, humidity and other weather related variables could have a detrimental effect on your gas powered scooters performance. The manufacturer pre-adjusts your gas powered scooters at near sea level and depending where you live your scooter may require adjustment. The adjustment screw, or "jet", can be located in the access hole just to the right of the choke lever. Turning the screw clockwise will lean the mixture while turning the screw counterclockwise will richen the mixture. It is recommended that the jet be adjusted no more then 1/4 turn at a time. Test the gas powered scooters between turns and once peak performance we achieved we recommend richening the adjustment a 1/8 turn. This is due to the fact that the leaner the motor is run, the hotter it will get, and this can induce a possible seizure of the motor from overheating. Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, are adult kick scooters that have been added with an electric motor and battery. The motor and battery are what powers e-scooters. There is a switch to control the speed (e.g. on/off or variable) and for braking purposes, hand brakes are mounted on the handlebar. The batteries can typically be found beneath the feet. The speeds and range on e-scooters vary dramatically due to the different scooters that are available and the legislation that applies to them. Typically, speed capacity of e-scooters start below 10 mph to over 30 mph for more powerful e-scooters. The range can be from a few miles to 20 miles for higher performance e-scooters.


Start by disconnecting the battery pack from the motor and controller. Make sure that the switch is in the "off" position! Insert the new fuse and then turn the switch to the "on" position. If the fuse blew, this means you have a short in the wiring. Look around for black or darkened spots that could still be warm to the touch. If the fuse does not blow, turn the switch back to the "off" position, connect the controller, and move the switch back to "on." If the fuse blows at this point, this is a sign that the controller is bad and will need to be replaced. Move the switch to "off", replace the controller, and then move the switch back to "on." On certain types of electric scooters, the controller is embedded within the motor housing. If this is the case, both the controller and the motor housing would have to be replaced. Gas scooters look very similar to electric motorized scooters. They have the same body structure and outer design. The inside is where the difference is. While electric scooters are fueled by an electric engine and batteries, gas scooters are powered by a, of course, gas engine. Gas scooters are equipped with a gas tank that fuels either a two-stroke or four-stroke engine - these are two types of gas engines typically found on Gas Motor Scooters. They both have their pros and cons. Which one is better will depend on your preference and needs.
pocket bike

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