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pocketbike Gas Powered Scooters Choke Maintenance and Information First, the choke. There is a choke lever on the side of the motor as pictured on the right. Some gas powered scooters have "off" written at the top, and "on" written at the bottom. This is incorrect and I don't know how they confused the two. The correct position of the choke is: When the choke is up - the choke is on When the choke is down - the choke is off Other gas powered scooters may be different, Please ensure to look at the side of the tire for recommended PSI. You will notice that the valve on the front tire is turned to the side a little and is not straight out. This is intentional to keep the valve from hitting the frame of the scooters as the wheel turns. If the valve is not angled you will hear a clicking sound every time the tire makes a rotation. To cure this, let all of the air out of the tire. Hold the tire with one hand and the rim with the other. Twist the tire one-way and the rim the other. This will cause the tire to "slip" on the rim and make the valve turn to one side. Once this is achieved refill the tire to 85psi. Other gas powered scooters may be different, please ensure to look at the side of the tire for recommended PSI.

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The National Nutritional Foods Association requires all members who manufacture dietary supplements and herbs under their own label to participate in a quality assurance program. The program was established, in part, to increase confidence that products are accurately labeled. Products are registered, with random testing for content every 2 to 3 years. Association officials reported that approximately 25,000 product labels are currently registered under this program, estimating that this accounts for more than half of the dietary supplements on the market. Another common problem is that the spark plug gets clogged up with carbon and/or oil and "fouls". This should be checked by assuring the electrode has a clean gap of . 023 in. If you are having a problem with fouling, just be sure that the gap, as shown to the right, is clean and free of obstruction, A small piece of fine grit sandpaper usually works well for this. New spark plugs can be purchased from us on our parts page, or at almost any local hardware or scooters parts store. Gas Powered Scooters Air Filter Maintenance and Information The air filter is used to clean the air going into the gas motor. Periodic cleaning of this filter is recommended to protect your motor against the damaging effects of dirt and abrasive particulates. Your air filter can be located on the front of the gas motor and the protective cover can be removed with one screw.

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ALWAYS use a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. This is a small investment - only about $35 - and can instantly eliminate almost two-thirds of possible pocketbike scooter accidents, including most of the most serious ones. In many states, provinces and regions throughout the world, law requires these! Gas Powered Scooters Carburetor Maintenance and Information The carburetor has many adjustments on it and it is recommended that experienced persons make these adjustments only, however we will point out the major points. The carburetor is responsible for pumping the fuel and mixing it with the air at a precise measurement. The carburetor does this with very small diaphragms, orifices and ports, which are easily clogged by contaminants. This is why is extremely important that you use only clean new fuel mixed with 2-cycle oil in your gas powered scooters.

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