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pocketbikes l DURING THE FIRST MONTH OF OPERATION - THE BREAKING-IN PERIOD - NEVER APPROACH MAXIMUM SPEED; AVOID SUDDEN ACCELERATION AND DO NOT DRIVE AT HIGH SPEEDS FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. l ALWAYS WEAR A STRONG HELMET AS WELL AS SUITABLE PROTECTIVE GEAR SUCH AS HAND, KNEE AND ELBOW PROTECTORS WHEN DRIVING l DO NOT OPERATE THE SCOOTER WITHOUT PROPER FULLY ENCLOSED FOOTWEAR. NEVER DRIVE WITH HIGH HEELS, SANDALS, SLIPPERS OR BARE FEET. Gas Powered Scooters Carburetor Maintenance and Information The carburetor has many adjustments on it and it is recommended that experienced persons make these adjustments only, however we will point out the major points. The carburetor is responsible for pumping the fuel and mixing it with the air at a precise measurement. The carburetor does this with very small diaphragms, orifices and ports, which are easily clogged by contaminants. This is why is extremely important that you use only clean new fuel mixed with 2-cycle oil in your gas powered scooters.

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FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO YOUR SCOOTER, DECREASE ENGINE LIFE, CAUSE INJURY TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS AND MAY ALSO VOID THE WARRANTY BEFORE ASSEMBLING AND STARTING THE SCOOTER YOU MUST CAREFULLY READ AND STUDY THIS ENTIRE MANUAL l IT IS THE VEHICLE OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL LOCAL AND STATE LEGISLATION REGARDING THE USE OF MOTOR SCOOTERS ARE COMPLIED WITH. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL DMV OFFICE OR DEPARTMENT OF STATE FOR REQUIREMENTS REGARDING MINIMUM LEGAL DRIVING AGE, LICENSING AND/OR REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS IF ANY. Trade associations that represent various manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of dietary supplements have adopted voluntary programs to reduce the risks of potentially harmful products. Thus, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association has established eight voluntary programs focusing on either product manufacturing or labeling of specific products. For example, the association urges manufacturers to put quality control procedures in place to ensure that ginseng is free of quintozene (a potentially carcinogenic pesticide) and related compounds. For kava kava products, member

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Some scientific studies have found that there may be significantly more active ingredient in some herbal and specialty supplement products than is indicated on the label. Amounts of active ingredients that exceed what is indicated on a product label may increase the risk of overdose for some patients. For pharmaceuticals, pocketbikes the tolerable range of product content is between 90 and 110 percent of the amount of active ingredient stated on the label. For example, one study of DHEA found that only 44 percent of the products sampled were within this range and one brand contained 150 percent of the amount indicated on the label.1 The National Nutritional Foods Association requires all members who manufacture dietary supplements and herbs under their own label to participate in a quality assurance program. The program was established, in part, to increase confidence that products are accurately labeled. Products are registered, with random testing for content every 2 to 3 years. Association officials reported that approximately 25,000 product labels are currently registered under this program, estimating that this accounts for more than half of the dietary supplements on the market.

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